Online dating 1st email tips for prospecting

Please don’t be the guy/girl who sends incessant and repetitive cold emails that add zero value and no ideas, or you will probably become the victim of my next cold email critique.

Speaking of cold email critiques, here is a look at this week’s cold email critique.

I don’t have time to scroll through previous messages in order to piece together his message.

Don’t assume that your prospect will automatically know who you are, or make the effort to find out.

– but again happy to schedule another time that suits to connect.Persistence is important, but hammering your prospects over the head with the same obnoxious, “Hey, I’m following up” message won’t win you any deals, and becomes really annoying pretty fast.Your last touch point is as important as the first cold email you send, so if you’re going to send multiple cold emails, put some thought into every email you send out.Too many follow up emails look like clones of each other.And I don’t just mean that salespeople are all using the same crummy follow up templates.

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