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So it was days before Christmas, and discord was quiet as a mouse, not a ping heard anywhere throughout the house. This EVE Online in-development video features everything coming out in January, leading up to the Winter release due 9 January.

Features include the Yoiul Festival event and updates to The Agency, where Pv E content gets ever easier to access.

As it happens, the option is hiding in play sight: Ever wanted to have Jita 4-4 as your home station?A cluster of scrap orbits a lone star somewhere in New Eden.To some, this cluster of junk is nothing more than a footprint of times long past.Coming mere hours after a hard-fought capital brawl in Cloud Ring, and a good laugh over a Goon Overseer’s hilarious leaked Pings …If you happened to glance at the EVE subreddit or zkillboard yesterday you may have noticed a rather large capital fight took place in Cloud Ring.

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