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How could you explore the concept of love if you think you’ve already experienced its apex at age 2? It’s because I want that kiss, when it comes, to be hers: knee-buckling and exciting and singular. There’s one advantage to not being a beautiful young actress — you can kiss your kids on the lips without being vilified online.I regularly plant smackers on the mouths of my 6-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter.In a cream, it can only do so much because it can’t penetrate the outer layers of your skin to reach a depth where it can have an instant and noticeable impact.Some brands are using low molecular weight HA, to try and force it deeper into the skin, but even that can only do so much. Because HA is something that our body produces – albeit it in lesser quantities as we age – it’s happily accepted, and once injected into the skin it’s easily broken down over a period of months.It’s far from permanent; which in itself is reassuring.And it’s not only used in the lips; it can plump out wrinkles, restore volume to cheeks and eradicate those vertical lines at the side of your mouth.

What’s okay, what’s not, what justifies a treatment, what doesn’t.Lip fillers; they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but ‘Lip Filler’ is one of the most Googled beauty search terms in the UK.A safe bet that a lot of you are at the very least a little curious. But, that’s mostly down to a handful of celebrities that have taken their lip size beyond what anyone could possibly consider ‘natural’.In 2002, star Lesley Ash suffered an incident that left her barely recognisable and a reluctant poster girl for lip fillers gone bad.Even now, 14-years on, her lips are still affected.

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