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Character: Eun-Gyo is a peppy rebel, No-ah is an easily irratated bishie, Ho-Dong is a wise-guy adult trapped in an kid's body, what's not to love from the three main characters?

Poong is also another character I adore, since he brightens any mood with his carefree attitude and playful actions, and he's also one of the more shifty fellows.

Yoon So Hee as Nam Hyun Hee Im Ye Jin as Na So Nyeo.

As of volume 8, the story has gotten so tense, it pains me to wait until September for the next book.

And don't get me started on how hyped I am for Blank Panther; the new trailers keep on getting me too excited!

The latest teasers introduce us to star writer Han Se-joo (Yoo Ah-in) who says imperiously, “Isn’t writer’s block just an excuse invented by whiny people who want a reason to drink?

Girl who wants to get married very refreshing romance dating without marriage sub thai. One more thing, Yun Woo Jin looks here, in this series, somehow reminds me of Pierce Brosnan — one of the James Bond — the hair style, tall, slim, neat…etc….

I also love the ending that is full of rain and feel that love between of them.

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