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What’s so amazing about the show is that the characters are so rich and layered, and they’re just filtering me through it." Shields also noted that her character was set to begin appearing in the third episode ("Contrapasso") of the season..

In that episode's last scene, Shields' character was revealed to be Noah's previously unknown grandmother, Sheila Porter, who challenged Benson for custody before becoming friends.

Her story arc finished in 2018 when Sheila abducted Noah in a cliffhanger episode, before being caught and arrested.

On August 18, Entertainment Weekly released a sneak-peak of the script of SVU's season 19 premiere episode (titled: "Gone Fishin'") and announced that Will Chase would be guest starring as Byron Marks, an accused rapist who turned fugitive when he fled to Cuba six years prior, he is caught by Fin (Ice T) in the premiere's opening scenes.

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Isaiah Thomas, made a cameo appearance as himself in an October episode ("Complicated") of SVU.The nineteenth season of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit premiered on September 27, 2017.Michael Chernuchin, who had previously worked on Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Chicago Justice, took over from Rick Eid as showrunner. Showrunner/executive producer Michael Chernuchin told The Hollywood Reporter that this season of SVU would be 'ripping the headlines' of more current and political events such as the Charlottesville riots. It's just the state of the world today with everybody.Thomas' cameo appearance occurs in the midst of a missing persons investigation.Mike Faist, a Tony Award-nominated actor starring as Connor Murphy in Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen, guest starred as a young man struggling with the long-ago disappearance of his sister in "Complicated".

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