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Then she wasn't nearly athletic or hot enough to be a part of the cheerleaders. She didn't like wearing black or listening to heavy music which cut off the goths and emo kids. She attempted to push them from her thoughts, but they were not to be easily deterred. They stood out for their looks against the common wealth, but compared to Valerie they were little more than children.

The drifters at least had some aspect that allowed them to connect with each clique in some way. She could see herself strutting around like she owned every square inch of the earth she walked on, with eyes following her in shock, fascination and unadulterated lust. The only one who dared stand up to Valerie was Ashley, dressed as provocatively as possible to draw the eyes away.

Now she was reduced to taking a pill in order to leave the house every morning. She made it a point not to do so, as dictated by her parents, though her sister, Ashley hadn't caught onto the saying 'honesty is the best policy'. Ashley's was curvy to the extreme, like she had stolen all of the good genes from Valerie and their mother at that. Her actions were obviously practised, designed to get her way with any guy she wanted. " Ashley gave a heavy sigh and, with a parting glare that promised this exchange wasn't over, exited the room. As much as her sister irked her, she didn't like being at odds with her.

She couldn't help but wonder if the drug had somehow inhibited her puberty. The thought of her sister sparked a flurry of embers in her mind. Valerie was certain that in almost any other situation her strategy would be great and powerful, but her weak-line was that this was Valerie's room. Before puberty reared its cruel head on Ashley, the two would play together as often as possible.

Valerie stood at a petite 5'1'' with a naturally skinny frame. right back to lame," Valerie muttered as she systematically scrolled through and read each of the alleged rituals. Some were far too fantastical to be believed and others resembled those miracle penis growth ads. Despite her not uttering a single word, Valerie's door opened and a head peeked in with large, shifty eyes. Hell, Valerie reminisced, before she had curves Ashley had been the outcast and her darling older sister the hero riding in.

Her breasts were barely present on her chest, completely inconspicuous save for the ever so faint mounds contained in her training bra. Until she came towards the end of the page and paused. She didn't want to risk finding out that they were all men, or even one of them was a man. Megaguitarzord12 added and Xxdarkassassinx X666 echoed his sentiments. But then the younger sister grew to embody the ideal picture of T&A.

Valerie let her head rest in her hand and stared out of the window. They just want to get laid and nothing else after all.

She barely repulsed a shudder as her mind summoned the demonic images of men and their misdeeds. My friends are all going out and I don't want to be the only who doesn't pay their part.

Her pitiful social life had led to her having ample amounts of free time. I'll take a look through, BUT if I don't find anything interesting I'm not doing it. She couldn't resist cracking a wide smirk at the thought of everyone's jaw collectively dropping tomorrow. Her fantasy body conjured itself before her mind's eye once more, dancing and swaying hypnotically. Valerie panted heavily and turned on her bedside lamp.

Valerie leaned down until her imagined bee-stung lips were centimetres away from Ashley's own less enticing pair.

Their bodies met, Valerie's breasts devouring her sisters in their loathsome mass.

If she could put on some weight, then maybe she would at least have a chest to speak of. In her mind, she stood before her sister who fell to her knees, defeated.

Valerie's fingers danced across the keyboard with practised ease. She hadn't chosen the moniker of 'hyperlife17', instead she'd received it as a randomly generated name, but it eventually stuck. Ashley didn't dare look away however, captivated by her older sibling's ethereal form.

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