Ending a casual dating relationship

BUT you don’t just pick the one that is most convenient for you.Rather, you should pick the one through which the two of you have been communicating the most.

Although this is the negative part, be polite and don’t point out all the mistakes your ex has made. You have to be determined to end this relationship and then pull through. Send it when you know they will have time to read your e Mail and think about it. Ask them whether they have some time now because you need to tell them something very important. Basically, conveying your message in chat works the same as writing an e Mail, only that it’s an actual conversation. You don’t have hours to ponder what you want to say when your ex is glued to the screen.However, if it happens anyways, know that you are no longer dealing with a friend.You are now dealing with someone who is obsessed with you. You will receive further help through the Stalking self-help page.Since all means of communication are electronic, you literally just pull the plug.It’s easy to simply ignore someone – out of sight, out of mind.

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    Playfair er så smuk en skrifttype, og klart af mine ‘go-to’ fonte hver gang, noget skal emme lidt eksklusivitet…