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Wigner–d'Espagnat inequality Gabor–Wigner transform Wigner's theorem Jordan–Wigner transformation Newton–Wigner localization Wigner-Inonu contraction Wigner–Seitz cell Wigner–Seitz radius Thomas-Wigner rotation Wigner–Weyl transform Wigner-Wilkins Spectra 6-j symbol 9-j symbol Medal for Merit (1946) Franklin Medal (1950) Enrico Fermi Award (1958) Atoms for Peace Award (1959) Max Planck Medal (1961) Nobel Prize in Physics (1963) National Medal of Science (1969) Albert Einstein Award (1972) Wigner Medal (1978); November 17, 1902 – January 1, 1995), was a Hungarian-American theoretical physicist, engineer and mathematician.

In particular, Wigner's theorem is a cornerstone in the mathematical formulation of quantum mechanics.Wigner was afraid that the German nuclear weapon project would develop an atomic bomb first.During the Manhattan Project, he led a team whose task was to design nuclear reactors to convert uranium into weapons grade plutonium.He is also known for his research into the structure of the atomic nucleus.In 1930, Princeton University recruited Wigner, along with John von Neumann, and he moved to the United States.

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