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The conventionalized system of characters replaces letters, words and sentences, and it is a description, a narrative and wordplay.It is a scenic and directorial remark; it is everything possible, but not communication itself.Despite 9 the aforementioned, a sound recording is the only possible source for the evaluation and analysis of period musical practice, as well as the own musical ideas of the composers, arrangers and artists.In an era of electronic and digital reproduction, audio recordings become distinctive and unique outputs; artefacts that speak about technological advancement, sociological popularity, historical everyday life and especially about musical, compositional or interpretative uniqueness.One of the random caves was the Cave of Unrecognized Heroes. On the other hand, it creates new connections, links and stories.

as an indicator of current quality of life and a sense of security, 4 or if it has a real opportunity to become a living part of today's society. 9 We have abandoned the framework of the heroic model of science, which was characterized by the fact that it "equated science with reason: in its conception, science was disinterested and impartial, and if man rigorously held on to it, then it was a guarantee of progress in the world” In any case, "history never exists for itself, but always forsomeone! Certainly, many works can have (and this is entirely legitimate) a politically or socially-conscious nature; however, vulgar abuse of artistic creation, which has happened many times in history, is at the least problematic. -- 205 stran: barevne ilustrace Prelozenozcestiny ISBN 9-218-0 (brozovano) 78.05 * 681 .85 * 681 .853 * 681 .854 * (437.3) - 1900-1946 - hudebni prumysl -- Cesko -- 20.In my case, any time I happen to run across this or that, which in my opinion could be useful ... Then one day I realize that it's dead; that it is but a relic of an artistic movement that is now passe.The whole is covered by a system of strictly geometric cubes, beneath which are other shapes so oddly bent or twisted that in the end they completely disintegrate." 1 In 1923, Kurt Schwitters began construction of Merzbau {Merz- plunder and bauen - build). Is writing history therefore a creative act, or a "mere" service?He created an irrational space full of experiences, connotations, potentialities of interpretations and structures. It is as if on the one hand, the author recedes into the background and his role becomes the role of an intermediary who submits complete "organic work" data and facts; a mediator of the informed, whose knowledge and education are applied in either an encyclopaedic manner, or via music theory or other rationalities promoted in creative act.

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