Another word for fear of dating

You don't want to get used to your own company because you never want to have to rely on it.You figure that if you avoid ever getting to the point at which you enjoy spending time alone, you'll never have to fall back on it.But before you can treat yourself in bouts of therapy, you must first properly diagnose yourself.You have a tendency to try and push things that should be left alone.You are so deathly terrified of being on your own that you’ll stay with someone you don’t even like.

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Specialists have confirmed that this condition is part of a social phobia that can be traced back to a triggering event from childhood or a traumatic incident.

Do you watch romantic comedies with a knife under your pillow?

Do you stare at couples on the subway as tears well in your eyes?

Your future husband or wife is never going to find you if you're too busy creating fake ones. You feel as if you’re walking around with a gaping wound, the other half of you missing.

You are not completely present when people talk to you because you feel you have nothing good to offer. You think that because you are single, you are worthless. Yet what you don't realize is your inadequacy is all in your head.

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